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Admissions module maintains a complete list of all applicant and application details. Application approval and rejection are fully automated.
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  • Online Application
    Applicants can apply online to any course or programme, upload supporting documents and check their application status.
  • Auto Selection
    Auto selection helps to select programmes by matching entry requirement with applicant’s eligibility.
  • Conditional Offer Letter
    Eligible applicants will be issued conditional offer letters once they have been shortlisted.
  • Applicant Portal
    Application portal displays all the information related to new applications.


Registration details such as mode of learning, specific learning centres, classrooms and other physical and online facilities are collated in the system.
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  • Online registration
    Students’ course registration is hassle-free with online registration in place.
  • Add/ Drop
    Students can add/drop their registered courses at the tip of their fingers.
  • Timetabling
    Generating timetable has never been easier with Timetabling.


Automates the entire examination process to ease the workload of administrators and faculty members.
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  • Mark Processing
    Mark distribution for every course including weightage and mark entry is processed here.
  • Exam Slip
    Students can access and download their exam slips which state their registered courses, date, time and exam location.
  • Partial transcript
    Students can view their unofficial transcript at any given time.

Graduation & Convocation

Graduating students’ can get all the information they need to prepare themselves for their convocation.
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  • Confirmation to Graduate
    Automatically generates students that are expected to graduate, extracted from the academic progress data.
  • Robe Management
    Managing activity of robe’s loan is part of robe management.
  • Transcript
    Students can view their official eTranscript here and print in no time. The best part is the transcripts are processed in the system with no manual intervention.


Allows you to manage and maintain funding records of students who are sponsored and under a scholarship.
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  • Sponsor Profile
    The profiles of sponsors can be retrieved from here.
  • Scholars management
    Scholars’ data are maintained here to manage their academic progress.
  • Invoicing
    Invoices are generated for students based on their course registration activity.
  • Receivables
    Payment made by students via various modes is captured here.

Student Finance

Helps users to manage and monitor all accounting activities as it integrates with relevant modules within the system to give a comprehensive financial standing.
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  • Student Fees
    Student fee structure for billing purpose based on certain criteria. For example by program, intake, start date, end date and type of student (Local/ International)
  • Invoicing
    Invoices are auto generated during course registration.
  • Payment Reminder
    Payment reminder is sent to students on the fee arrears.
  • Ageing report
    Ageing report captures the amount due at a certain period.

Teaching Evaluation

Feedback from students is used to measure faculty performance and improve programme delivery.
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  • Online evaluation
    This evaluates the teaching and learning aspects of a course, the facilitator and the delivery method.
  • Evaluation results
    The evaluation results are plotted into graphical presentations for reporting purpose.

Research Management

Track research projects and monitor the progress. Students can also view and join ongoing research projects.
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  • Research Portal
    The research portal collates information on research conducted by the students.
  • Progress Tracking
    Students’ research progress is tracked using this function.
  • Grading
    Students are graded using the marking scheme established by the institution.


Manage alumni membership requests and donations. Track donations and gifts offered by alumni.
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  • Alumni Portal
    The data of all graduated students will automatically be updated and managed in the Alumni database.


Our Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to administer, track progress, assess performance and facilitate collaborative learning. More than 100,000 OUM learners have used our LMS. This is a testimony for the reliable and scalable system we develop for institutions.
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Our eCRM uses information technology (IT) to manage relationships with customers in an efficient way. This one-stop integrated system provides value to your customers, enriching their lives and puts your customer at the centre of everything you do!
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